Advisory Committee

R10 Prof. Lance Fung

Emeritus Professor Lance Fung

IEEE Region 10 Director/Delegate (2023-2024)

Professor Takako Hashimoto

IEEE Region 10 Director-Elect (2023-2024)

Mr. Deepak Mathur

IEEE Region 10 Past Director (2023-2024)

Team Lead

Dr. Zia Ahmed

Supported By

R10 Robotics Competition 2024

R10 Robotics Competition 2024 is an opportunity for all IEEE Student members (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) in the IEEE Region 10 to demonstrate their innovative robot projects designed for solving real life problems and making world a better place to an international audience in Tokyo, Japan.

The robotics project must be innovative, suitable for practical proposes and with good potentials for commercially marketable. The eligible robotics projects can belong to any of the following broad categories:

  • Robots for healthcare,
  • Robots for humanitarian propose,
  • Robot for educational/research purposes,
  • Robots for community services or community awareness,
  • Robots for tackling the climate change challenges or assisting with climate
  • Robots for industrial applications and
  • Robots for world peace, for example, prevention of human suffering by
    landmines detection and defuse, surveillance and narcotics control etc.

For details please download the competition document (here).


The above list is not exhaustive and robots belonging to other categories may be accepted for their innovative and usefulness.

Airborne robots or drones are not allowed in the competition.

Stage 1

Section Level – Organized by local IEEE Sections to pick the best team(s) to go forward in the online R10 competition. For Stage 1, IEEE Sections will be encouraged to organize robotics activities such as workshops and technical talks and arrange robotics competitions and hands-on workshops for school children to inspire younger people to STEM. Sections will also be urged to invite local industry leaders and Government officials to these events. A limited R10 funding will be available to Sections to conduct Stage 1 activities. R10 funding will be approved after a strict scrutiny of the proposals submitted by the IEEE Sections in the Region

Stage 2

Teams nominated by the Sections will undergo an online assessment process to select best ten teams for Stage 3, which be the final round. An R10 appointed Judges Panel will carryout the assessments. The members  of the judging panel will be experts in robotics from across R10. In Stage 2, teams will be required to give a live demonstration of their robotics projects and answers questions from the Judges. 

Stage 3

This will be the final round of the competition where judges will examine the robotics projects and score the teams according to the assessment rubric given in Appendix A. The Stage 3 will be held in Tokyo along with the R10 SYWL Congress. It is expected to be mega-event with a Technology Exhibition and the Awards Ceremony. The exact dates and venue is expected to be announced at the R10 Annual General Meeting at Le Meridien Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 2 – 3rd March 2024. 


If the physical gathering is not possible for any reason, then the final stage will be held online.